Course summary

The training course "The creative heritage of M. M. Bakhtin in the modern cultural context" is aimed at revealing the significance of M. M. Bakhtin's scientific heritage for humanitarian knowledge and the influence of his personality on the spiritual culture of Russia and the world. The course is designed to form competencies among students and postgraduates of humanities allowing them to use Bakhtin’s concepts in their creative, research and teaching practice in a deliberate and productive way.

Course format

The course contains:

– video lectures that reveal the content of the topic under study;

– abstracts of lecture material in text format.

Each topic is completed by tasks in text format. The final test of knowledge (credit) is carried out in the form of a test.


To study this course, it is necessary to take the following basic courses: philosophy, cultural studies, history of Russia in the 20th century and theory of literature.

Course contents

Topic 1. Biographical context of M.M. Bakhtin’s work.

1.1. The main stages of the thinker’s life and work.

1.2. M. M. Bakhtin at Mordovian University.

1.3. Mikhail Mikhailovich Bakhtin: 25 years in Saransk.

Topic 2. Reception of M. M. Bakhtin’s ideas in Russia and the world.

2.1. Inscriptions of scientists and writers from Russia and other republics of the USSR on books from the personal library of M. M. Bakhtin.

2.2. Inscriptions of scientists and writers of Mordovia.

2.3. Inscripts of foreign authors.

Topic 3. "Gogol and Rabelais" as a plot of Russian literary criticism.

3.1. Bakhtin's "story about Gogol and Rabelais" in the works of Russian researchers (1940-50s).

3.2. Bakhtin's "story about Gogol and Rabelais" in the works of Russian researchers (1960-80s).

Topic 4. Philosophy of M. M. Bakhtin.

4.1. Action and norm.

4.2. Laughter and seriousness.

4.3. Dialogue and monologue.

Topic 5. Theoretical and conceptual apparatus.

5.1. Chronotop.

5.2. Carnival.

5.3. Polyphony.

Topic 6. Theory of the novel.

6.1. The novel as a "genre of genres" in Bakhtin's literary concept.

6.2. The novel of education.

6.3. Polyphonic novel.

Topic 7. The problem of the word.

7.1. The problem of word, utterance, discourse in the works of M. M. Bakhtin.

7.2. "Laughing word" as an idea and concept of M. M. Bakhtin.

Topic 8. Creativity of M. M. Bakhtin in the aspect of the problem of intermediality.

8.1. The sculptural theme in the creative mind of M. M. Bakhtin.

8.2. M. M. Bakhtin’s “Musical World” as an objectification of the idea of ​​cultural synthesis.

8.3. Painting and graphics.


GPC-3 - the ability to demonstrate knowledge of the modern scientific paradigm in the field of philology and the dynamics of its development, the system of methodological principles and methodological techniques of philological research.


PC-1 - possession of the skills of independent scientific research in the field of the language system and the main patterns of the functioning of folklore and literature in synchronic and diachronic aspects, in the field of oral, written and virtual communication


PC-4 - possession of the skills of participation in the work of scientific teams conducting philological research.



42.03.02 Journalism

44.03.01 Pedagogical education. Philological education

45.03.01 Philology. Russian Philology (Russian language and literature)

45.03.01 Philology. Russian Philology (languages and literatures of the peoples of Russia (Moksha / Erzya), Russian language and literature)

45.03.01 Philology. Russian Philology (teaching Russian as a foreign language)



42.04.02 Journalism. Theory and methodology of journalistic creativity

45.04.01 Philology. Russian literature

39.04.01 Sociology

39.04.02 Social work

41.04 Political Science

46.04.01 History

51.04.01 Cultural studies

42.04.01 Advertising and public relations

45.03.02 Linguistics

45.04.01 Philology

Course length: 6 Course start date: 01.09.2023 Grade units: 1 Education hours: 36 Нет сертификата

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Course teachers

Наталья Ивановна Воронина

кандидат искусствоведения, доктор философских наук, профессор кафедры культурологии и библиотечно-информационных ресурсов, директор Центра М. М. Бахтина ФГБОУ ВО «МГУ им. Н. П. Огарёва»,
заслуженный деятель науки России

Светлана Анатольевна Дубровская

доктор филологических наук, доцент, профессор кафедры русского языка как иностранного ФГБОУ ВО "МГУ им. Н. П. Огарёва"

Андрей Анатольевич Сычев

профессор, доктор философских наук, профессор кафедры философии ФГБОУ ВО «МГУ им. Н. П. Огарёва»

Ирина Васильевна Клюева

кандидат философских наук, доцент кафедры культурологии и библиотечно-информационных ресурсов ФГБОУ ВО «МГУ им. Н.П. Огарёва»

Татьяна Васильевна Клюкина

педагогический сценарий и режиссура онлайн-курса, кандидат культурологии, директор Центра развития дистанционного образования ФГБОУ ВО "МГУ им. Н.П. Огарёва"

Евгений Сергеевич Саулин

Монтаж видеолекций

Анна Владимировна Климова

Монтаж видеолекций

Андрей Александрович Коршунов

Монтаж видеолекций

Екатерина Владимировна Ерёмкина

Монтаж видеолекций